There’s an old Australian story about an Aborigine, we’ll call him Bill for want of anything better, who went crabbing in the local creek one day.

He caught a nice big one, and was just putting it into the boot of his car when a fishing inspector walked up. The inspector said “I saw you just put that crab into the boot. It’s not crabbing season so I’m going to have to fine you.”

Bill turned to the inspector and said “I’m not crabbing, that’s my pet crab, Tommy. I bring him here for a swim every day. rain or shine.” The inspector didn’t believe him, of course, so Bill took out the crab, and talking to it, put it in the shallow water at the edge of the creek. He stroked it and said “Go on, Tommy, go for a swim.”

Tommy swam off into deeper water and Bill and the inspector stood waiting. After some time, the inspector asked when Tommy would be coming back.

Bill looked at him and said “What are you talking about?” The inspector said “Your pet crab, Tommy. When is he coming back from his swim?”

Bill stared at the inspector with a dumbfounded look on his face “What crab?” he said. The inspector replied “The one you just put into the water and it swam away.”

“What crab?” said Bill again.

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