I searched everywhere for Australian place names ending in End for my ebook The Land Of Ozz. After an exhaustive search I found only 24. Surprisingly, considering some of the odd names, there was very little information about how they got their names. That’s unfortunate, as some of them would have undoubtedly made intriguing and interesting reading.

Like most countries, Australia doesn’t bother with apostrophes in place names. This sometimes makes it difficult to decide whether a place like Graves End is something to do with a cemetery or is related to the doings of someone named Graves.

So basically, we have here a list of places ending in End or end, with the name of the state in which they can be found. I have added a few observations.

A few states have places named after compass directions. Queensland has its East End and South End. South Australia has Southend. Queensland and Western Australia have their West Ends. These seem fairly straightforward and no doubt indicate their location relevant to some point that was important at the time they were named.

Indicative of distances, South Australia and Queensland both have their Mile Ends. The one in South Australia got its name because it was one mile from the new settlement of Adelaide. Something similar probably applies to the one in Queensland.

Perhaps because it was a lot further away, South Australia also has its Far End.

Townsend, New South Wales, and Townshend Island, Queensland, look like they got their names from explorers or other local notables, rather than their locations at the end of the town.

In contrast both New South Wales and Victoria have their Hill Ends, which probably describes their locations.

Western Australia has its Top End, and the Northern Territory is commonly known as The Top End. Not much doubt where those are positioned!

Perhaps more from parochialism than purely geographical reasons, South Australia, Queensland  and Tasmania all have Lands Ends, although the one in Tasmania is perhaps justified as it is said to be the eastern-most point of Australia.

Stretching the point a bit further, both New South Wales and South Australia have their Worlds End. Australians often seem very parochial, but this seems to be going a bit too far!

An end that comes to us all eventually, perhaps the Graves End of South Australia or New South Wales might be attractive to you?
While still amongst the living (and perhaps still trying to understand Australia and Australians), you might find yourself at Wits End, in either South Australia or Western Australia.

Or perhaps you will just give up and stop at Follys End, Western Australia?