Suburban nicknames

Australians seem to be very attracted to nicknames. They give them to places where they live as well as the people they meet there. Australian nicknames range from the humorous to the offensive.

Callers to Richard Fidler's afternoon show on 612 ABC Brisbane came forward with lots of nicknames for suburbs of Brisbane. Most are a bit uncomplimentary, but some are funny, one way or another, depending on your taste for that sort of thing.

Here’s a few to give you an idea of what goes on. Be warned, though, you might find some of them a bit offensive or in bad taste.

Annerley Junction is the ‘junk house’. Not sure why. Perhaps from the ‘junc’ in junction.

Banyo is Banjo. Perhaps a link to Banjo Patterson, one of Australia’s greatest poets.

Browns Plains is Brown Stains. Nuff said!

Buderim is God's Waiting Ground. Are there a lot of old people living there?

Bulimba is Bluelimba because the warfies used to gather at the local pub and have ‘blues’ (a ‘blue’ is Australian slang for an argument or fight, ‘warfies’ are waterside workers).

Burpengary is Burpingary. Read it as Burping Gary, whoever Gary is/was.

Caloundra is Clown Town. Not sure why. Perhaps the people are a bit ‘funny’.

Chermside is Germside, as it is the location of the local hospital.

Deception Bay is Depression Bay! Is it because the scenery is so dull?

Forest Lake is called Flake for short.

Garden City is Garbo. A ‘garbo’ is the local garbage collector, or it might be named after Greta.

Gympie is Forrest Gymp. Presumably after the 1994 film.

Kippa-Ring is known as ‘the fish’s bum’. Need I explain?

Lowood is Slowood

Mitchelton is Bitchelton, because the residents are well known to be always complaining about something or, more likely, everything.

Mooloolaba is muesli bar. Perhaps because it is easier to say.

Nambour is Namboring. Perhaps nothing much interesting ever happens there.

Nerang is Nerangatang. To rhyme with orang utang, for some unknown reason.

Pinkenba is Stinkenba because it is the home of a fertilizer factory.

Shailer Park is Trailer Park. Is there a big caravan park there?

The Moreton Bay area is made up of the suburbs Caboolture, Redcliffe and Pine Rivers - CRAP to the locals.

Toowong is Poowong. Something a bit on the nose?

I hope that this gives you an indication of the Australian taste in suburban nicknames.

Take it as you will.

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